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Community Notices & Road Closures

We would like to thank all the communities that host our Divas® running events and we want to inform the residents of any impact that the runs may have in their area.  For that purpose we are providing a map of the route showing the times for the different road section closures. 

The course will be closed to through traffic during those times, allowing intermittent access during breaks between the runners.  We ask residents to please avoid using roads on the route during the affected times to avoid delays and for safety purposes, but residents will still have access to/from their residences as needed in between runners. 

We also wanted to let you know that these events are managed as a rolling enclosure.  This means that the streets will close right before the first runner reaches the area and will reopen once the last runner exits the area.  Keep in mind that some of runners are fast, keeping a pace of less than 6 minutes per mile, but most of our runners will keep a slower pace with the maximum allowed pace being 16 minutes per mile. 

If you have any specific questions or need to coordinate with us for specific access during the event, please contact us via email at community@runlikeadiva.com and include the name of your town in the subject line.


Chicagoland, IL (4/30/17) - Road Closure Map

North Myrtle Beach, SC (5/7/17) - Road Closure Map

San Francisco Bay, CA (6/4/17) - Road Closure Map

DC's Wine Country, VA (9/15-16/2017) - Road Closure Map

Long Island, NY (10/1/17Road Closure Map

Peachtree City, GA (Spring 2018) - Road Closure Map

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