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We are excited to announce our 2017 Divas® Finisher Medal for all distances - YES, even the 5K! After conquering the course, you will receive this amazing medal for your collection and a piece of jewelry to take your experience with you wherever you go. The removable Divas® charm is compatible with Pandora® bracelets! 2018 design coming soon!

Pink Tutus!

All participants (half & 5K) will receive pink tutus with their registrations! You can wear it on race day, or any day for that matter!

Boas & Tiaras

All Divas will pass by our glamorous Boa & Tiara station just before the finish line! Now that's finishing in style!

Bubbly Toast

Enjoy a bubbly toast at all our Divas events! What woman doesn’t love some bubbly? Especially, after all the hard work you put into not only training for the race, but completing it too! Cheers to you! Because every woman deserves some pampering…and NOT just on special occasions! 

*Divas® Running Series is not affiliated with Pandora® or Chamilia®. Special Edition Temecula finishers receive a different finisher medal and wine tasting in place of bubbly. Medal design varies each year.